Our Fireproof Products

Hour Meter

This unit houses a 48x48mm analog hour meter or ampmeter. Digital hour meter can also be used.

Roof Bolter

This unit is activated by means of a push button (Built-in or Remote) that lights the first of three different coloured LEDíS.

Stop - Start Station

This unit’s stop button can be padlocked in the OFF position. Optional rotary switch.

Mini Light

This unit incorporates an anti-vibration silicone lamp housing for extended lamp life. Coloured lenses available.

Digital Hourmeter

This unit houses a digital hour meter which is not able to reset. The number of hours worked is permanently displayed even when the machine is switched off.


This is an electronic unit with variable tones and frequencies that produce sound up to 110 dB.

Non Flp Mini Light

This unit’s stop button can be padlocked in the OFF position. Optional rotary switch.

Stop Switch

This unit locks in the off position when depressed if required and must be manually released.  It also incorporates an optional locking device. Variation of push-buttons available.

Hytronic lighting systems have been designed to provide the optimal light source in all situations. Since then Hytronic has come a long way, manufacturing various types of Flameproof Electrical Equipment in South Africa and increasing our product range to include a variety of lights, warning beacons, sirens, monitors, switchgear and panel boxes, etc.

We also do design and manufacture of new products and ideas to meet customer requirements. Dealing with and supplying all the leaders in Underground Machine Manufacturing.

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